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Wisteria - Blue Moon - 5 gallon
Wisteria - Blue Moon - 5 gallon
  • SKU: 184587

Wisteria - Blue Moon - 5 gallon


    The hardiest of all wisteria. Dependably blooms up to three times in a growing season once established, producing beautiful, foot-long blossoms of fragrant, pea-like lavender flowers. Creates shade for arbors and other structures. Ideal for arching over gateways and entries or along the top of a wall.

    Plant Details:

    • Mature size: Quickly reaches 15-25 ft. long

    Sun Exposure: 

    • Partial to full sun


    • Remove spent blooms to encourage reblooming
    • Thrives in well-drained soil
    • Feed in spring with an all-purpose fertilizer


    • Medium green deciduous foliage
    • Fragrant flowers, repeat blooms
    • Attracts birds, butterflies & hummingbirds

    Recommended for:

    • Arbors & pergolas
    • Trellis and fencing
    • General garden use

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