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Persimmons - Fuyu Imoto - 7 Gallon
  • SKU: 182976

Persimmons - Fuyu Imoto - 7 Gallon


    The Fuyu Imoto Persimmon stands as the most popular variety cultivated in Japan, bringing an elegant aesthetic to the landscape. This non-astringent persimmon tree produces large, round, and flat fruit with dark reddish skin. Notably versatile, the Fuyu Imoto can be enjoyed raw when crisp or allowed to ripen fully for a soft texture. With its delectable taste and adaptability, it is best suited for fresh eating and desserts. Whether relished for its crispness or indulged in when perfectly ripe, the Fuyu Imoto Persimmon adds both visual charm and delightful flavor to any garden.

    Plant Details:

    • Mature height: 12’-15'
    • Growth rate: fast
    • Zone range: 7-9

    Sun Exposure:

    • Full sun


    • Prefers moist, well-draining soil
    • Prune when dormant


    • Self-pollinating


    • Large reddish-orange fruit
    • Creamy white flowers bloom late spring
    • Fruit ripens in late fall and early winter

    Recommended for:

    • Accent/specimen
    • Home orchard
    • General garden use

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