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Hellebore Ivory Prince - 1 gallon
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Hellebore Ivory Prince - 1 gallon


    Hellebore Ivory Prince is a captivating perennial known for its early season creamy white blooms which appear late winter to early spring. It’s evergreen foliage further enhances its appeal, providing interest throughout the year. This hellebore is cherished by garden enthusiasts for its resilience, shade tolerance and ability to thrive in various soil conditions.

    Plant Details:

    • Mature Size: 12-18” tall

    Sun Exposure:

    • Part sun to full shade


    • Low maintenance plant
    • Prefers moist, well-drained soil
    • Drought tolerant once established
    • Prune as needed before new growth appears


    • Evergreen foliage
    • Deep pink buds open to bright white flowers late winter to early spring
    • Mature blooms develop a tinge of rose pink and chartreuse

    Recommended for:

    • Mass Planting
    • Rock/Alpine Gardens
    • Border Edging
    • General Garden Use
    • Container Planting

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