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Euonymus - Manhattan - 3 gallon
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Euonymus - Manhattan - 3 gallon


    Manhattan Spreading Euonymus is primarily grown for its highly ornamental fruit. It features abundant showy pink capsules from mid to late fall. It has attractive dark green foliage. The glossy oval leaves are highly ornamental and remain dark green throughout the winter. A spectacular mounded garden shrub featuring dark green evergreen leaves, and a large spreading habit; pinkish fruit is showy in fall; an excellent accent for a wide variety of landscape applications.

    Plant Details:

    • 3-gallon nursery pot

    Sun Exposure: 

    • Full sun/Full shade


    • Low maintenance shrub
    • Adapts to both dry and moist conditions
    • Prune as needed


    • Highly ornamental fruit, featuring showy pink capsules from mid to late fall
    • Glossy, dark green foliage remains dark green throughout the winter

    Recommended for:

    • Mass Planting
    • Hedges/Screening
    • General Garden Use
    • Groundcover

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