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ZZ Plant - 6-inch Pot
ZZ Plant - 6-inch Pot
ZZ Plant - 6-inch Pot
ZZ Plant - 6-inch Pot
ZZ Plant - 6-inch Pot
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ZZ Plant - 6-inch Pot


    This cool plant with shiny dark green leaves is trending everywhere. It's beautiful and also one of the easiest plants to care for.


    Plant Details:

    Zamioculcas zamiifolia

    Current size: 10-inches tall x 6-inches wide


    Sun Exposure:

    • Low light


      • Low maintenance
      • Average water, let the soil dry out between waterings
      • Fertilize every six months with a general houseplant fertilizer


        • Sturdy, glossy succulent type leaves
        • Easy to grow
        • Tolerates less than optimal conditions well
        • Purifies the air

          Recommended for:

          • Shelf or tabletop
          • Adds interest to any space
          • Perfect gift for friends or loved ones
          • Great option for home or office
          • Good choice for beginners

            Disclaimer: Planter shown not included

            The plant you receive will vary from the photo.  No plants are alike. They are unique, constantly growing, and ever-changing. Rest assured, the best is carefully selected for you!


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